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Google Trends for rammed earth

March 31, 2010

Luke Mahony

Google Trends has a neat little tool that shows the search trends for rammed earth, and it reveals some interesting facts. Australia, is by far the leaders in Rammed Earth construction, followed by New Zealand and then South Africa. Must be something about the Southern Hemisphere….. And the top ten cities are as follows
1. Perth, Australia
2. Adelaide, Australia
3. Tucson, AZ, USA
4. Albuquerque, NM, USA
5. Melbourne, Australia
6. Victoria, Canada
7. Canberra, Australia
8. Brisbane, Australia
9. Vancouver, Canada


Experience a rammed earth home

March 31, 2010

Luke Mahony

If you were buying a new car you would generally take it for a test drive, so if you were curious about rammed earth housing, the best thing to do is to stay in one. Below is a list of houses around Australia where you can stay in a rammed earth house. You will realise that there is something intangible about rammed earth house that you cannot see in pictures. It is not just the great temperature or excellent air quality, it is a beauty you cannot explain. Try one on your next holiday.

Sun Worship Crescent Head Eco Villas Crescent Head, North Coast, NSW
Lot 11 Seal Rocks, Mid North Coast, NSW
Baird Bay Ocean Eco Apartments Baird Bay, Eyre Peninsula, SA
Light Keepers Inn, Villas Aireys Inlet, Great Ocean Road, Vic
Split Point Cottages, Villas Aireys Inlet, Great Ocean Road, Vic
Chandlers Smiths Beach Villas Yallingup, South West, WA
Eucalyptus House Pemberton, South West, WA
Ferguson Farmstay Bunbury, South West, WA
Hillview Retreat Balingup, South West, WA
Jemelup Chalets Dunsborough, South West, WA
Marima Cottages Pemberton, South West, WA
Warren River Resort Pemberton, South West, WA
Yayl Lodge Hills, Perth, WA
Sky House Kangaroo Island, SA

If you have a holiday rental and want to add your place to our list, please contact us.

Rammed Earth Research

March 7, 2010

Luke Mahony

Rammed earth is an amazing product, but even though it has been around for a million (give or take a million) years, people still have trouble believing what it is capable of. research.terra is a web site dedicated to the research of earth construction. It looks back to history of ancient earth building as well as modern engineering details. A much needed reference site.