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Earth Building Research

June 8, 2011

Luke Mahony

Assoc Prof Terence Williamson of the School Architecture, Landscape Architecture at Adelaide University, in conjunction with the Earth Building Association of Australia and the Nillumbik Mudbrick Association, is conducting a survey into the performance of rammed earth and mud brick houses.

The study aims to find out how people use and think about their houses. Knowledge about living in an earth building, what it’s really like and the feelings people have about the comfort of their home are the main things the research aims to discover. The more that is known about such factors, the better are the chances of designing such houses that are sustainable and suitable for different people in different places.

To gather the information an on-line questionnaire has been set up. Preferably this questionnaire should be filled out by the person of the household over the age of 25 years who spends most of the time at home, but really any household member over this age may fill out the questionnaire.

Please click on this link. We will try and provide the results when they are released.

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