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Earth Building Associations

April 15, 2013

Luke Mahony

As we get a lot of visitors from around the world, we should list some of the earth building Associations around the world. If you wish to add to this list, please contact us through our contact page.

Egypt – Egyptian Earth Construction Association (EECA),
Nepal – Abari Adobe and Bamboo Research Institute
India – Auroville Building Centre
Italy – Associazione Nazionale Città della Terra Cruda,
Germany – BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and TestingDachverband Lehm e.V.
Portugal – Centro da Terra,
France – CRATerre,
UK – Earth Building UK
Bulgaria – Gaiapolis
Romania –Grup Arhiterra,
Czech Republic – Hlína
Switzerland – IG Lehm
Spain – Interaccion, contrucTIERRA
Ireland –The Centre for Irish Earthen Architecture
Netherlands – 
Leembouwacademie Nederland,
Sweden- Lerbyggeföreningen i Sverige,
Norway – NJH Earth and Strawbuilder Organisation
North America
USA – Adobe Alliance,  Adobe in Action
Australia – EBAA Earth Building
New Zealand – Earth Building Association of New Zealand
South America
Brazil – ABCTerra,
Latin America  – EcosurPROTERRA
Columbia – fundacion Tierra Viva

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