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Rammed Earth crew in Tibet

April 17, 2013

Luke Mahony

tibet_rammed_earthTibet has such an amazing rammed earth heritage. I have been helping out Yeshi Gyetsa from Ringa Mountain Eco retreat who is doing some amazing work in developing the rammed earth culture.

His town is in the beautiful rural Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefuncture in Yunnan was renamed “Shangri-la” in 2002, and it has seen a rise in tourism over the past 10 years. The Ringa Mountain Farm is an ecological building project which will ultimately create an eco-farm and guesthouse by the end of 2014


As Yeahi says rammed earth is the “only and dominant way of vernacular construction in our region with the exception of the urban area where modern materials have taken over”. Have a look at this video of rammed earth in Tibet, its amazing! The walls are all 1 metre thick. The finished houses have massive amounts of timber! This new eco-farm will have a long-lasting effect on the livelihood of the community, while respecting the local environment and culture.

The architecture is truly amazing on such a grand scale. The building is very seasonal but provides employment to many communities. Wouldn’t it be great to see this not only preserved but also this ‘style’ encouraged in “modern times”.

tibet_timberHe is trying to improve efficiencies in the construction process to save resources and stop the “modern materials taking over”.  They are probably using more resources (timber) than they need.  Have a look at the size of the beam this man is standing next to! They are in need of sponsors to help finish the project. Please visit them at


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