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Excellent Acoustic properties of Rammed Earth

December 10, 2013

Luke Mahony

Rammed earth has great sound absorbing properties and attenuation (up to STC 57) which inhibits noise transfer between rooms extremely effectively. CSIRO tests indicate a sound transmission rating of over 50 decibels for a rammed earth wall of 250mm. It also helps stop sound reverberation, which makes it great for musical uses and is why it was chosen by acoustic engineers in a multi-million dollar, 150 seat concert hall in South Australia. It is to be constructed by Jurlique founder at Mount Barker. Read more about this project at this link.Image

Other examples the use of rammed earth specifically for the acoustic properties are the Wales Institute for sustainable Education WISE theater below  

and the Martin Rauch designed Cinema Sil Plaz in Switzerland.



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