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Pottery House – Mud House Design

November 6, 2014

Luke Mahony

Pottery_house_smallA recent entry in the Mud House Competition was from Marta Glowacka and Riccardo Mariano from Berlin. Other than visually amazing, it was quite an interesting concept. The traditional fired clay pots are filled with sand soil and saw dust combinations. Even though this entry wasn’t a winner in the NKA foundation Mud hut competition, I do hope it does inspire others!

I could see variations having small gaps between the pots to allow great cross ventilation. Alternatively in temperate climates, pots could be filled with water (the highest rated thermal mass) on the equator /sun side and an insulative material like rice husks on the other side.   Obviously there would be many technical issues to be solved, but is a creative form of earth building using local materials and trades.



Pearl Beach Rammed Earth, Central Coast, NSW

November 5, 2014

Luke Mahony

Here are a few photos of our latest work. Located at the beautiful Pearl Beach on the central coast of NSW, Australia.   pearl1 pearl2