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Nepal – Alternative post quake rebuilding

January 25, 2016

Luke Mahony

rammedearthbambooLast April 2015, a massive earthquake devastated many parts of Nepal with 600,00 buildings. It is very exciting to hear the efforts of Nripal Adhikary and his group Abari who are promoting a safe, sustainable and cost effective method of rebuilding.

Their aim is to use local available materials as well as labour! “The benefit of using bamboo is that once treated it is durable, as strong as steel, but flexible. Rammed earth walls are extremely strong and last a long time,” said Adhikary in a recent article in the Nepali Times.

Said Adhikary: “The main challenge about alternative earthquake resistant housing is to change the mindset. We have been able to change the people’s mindset but we are still waiting on the policy makers.”

downloadAbari have also build a school with open source plans for a school design using earth and bamboo which you can find at this link.



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