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Lime rendered rammed earth in Portugal

March 21, 2016

Luke Mahony

All photos by João Moragdo via DesignboomI have always been a big fan of lime rendered rammed earth, which is quite a traditional way of sealing rammed earth in many cultures (as well as clays and oxides). We have several internal rammed earth walls in our house which we have lime rendered. The special feature of lime is that it allows the earthen walls to breathe as well as being antifungal and antibacterial.

Design Boom recently featured a Vineyard house in Portugal that has most internal walls plastered, but has left some sections exposed to frame the earth walls. It was designed by Lisbon based Blaanc architects. It looks stunning!

lime-rendered-rammed-earth2According to design boom, the “primary living space is contained within a rammed earth volume, which adjoins a sheltered outdoor terrace. internally, the use of rammed earth ensures greater thermal and acoustic comfort, providing a cool environment throughout summer months.”


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