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Ebanaya Mud House Design winner

This is the NKA foundation mud house design competition second place winner in more detail. It was designed by Atelier Koe in Senegal. The great thing about this competition is that it is open source! What I like most about about this design was the simplicity, flexibility, local employment, local materials and thermal performance in the tropical climates

ebanayaboard1This PDF file shows the story-line and stages of the project,

Question > Plant > Harvest > Build > Explore > Share > Enjoy

It utilises an holistic approach, from growing and harvesting Bamboo on site, and utilising the Bamboo  for both formwork and then the roofing structure. It describes it as an “accessible an architectural process to a resilient community network.”

Although it is designed for poured earth, I believe that rammed earth may be a good alternative.




This page displays some excellent details including:
-roof detail using formwork eliminating the use of steel sheets.
-bond beam including embedded bamboo posts
-wall detail including reservations for interior beams or venilation
-lintel detail ….simple
– ashanti (local) shading devices
-bamboo doors
-sewerage system
-orientation which is perfect for the tropics


ebanayaboard3The final PDF shows the flexible options that allows the occupants to develop and customise. Using the reservation holes, many variations can be achieved to suit social and economic factors.


The NKA foundation is seeking participants to assist in the workshops next year. You can contact them on or

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