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Sun Salutation

1-white smallSun salutaion is an open source design. It is based on the appropriate use thermal mass, good solar passive design principles. It has an east west long axis. The rammed earth thermal mass is located on the northern and internal walls. The T sections provide quick construction and solid bracing for the building as well as good thermal performance!

It achieves 10 out of 10 stars from Australia’s NatHERS energy rating system. That means it provides a healthy environment that requires no heating or cooling. It was based on the 50’s beach house for it’s elegant simplicity. It has a low roof line and no wasted space.

Southern Hemisphere plans
Floor planelevations  | facade | section+wall details | floor plan in feet

Northern Hemisphere plans
floor plan mirrored | floor plan feet mirrored | section+wall details

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I haven’t worked out how to post the raw files here yet. So contact me if you want the design files sent to you.

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